3 questions to ask CORONA

The next time you consume a Corona beer ask yourself, or better still ask Corona:

  • Does the beer taste better with the lime in the neck?
  • Why do you put lime in the neck of a Corona and not another beer?
  • Why does Corona advertise putting lime in the neck of the beer?

I don’t drink alcohol, but when I did, I quite enjoyed a Corona and I always put lime in the neck. The fact is however, like most drinkers, I was not at all sure that it enhanced the flavour or even if it made a difference.

The reason we put lime in the neck of a Corona beer is because Corona advertising told us to.

Corona told us to, because they wanted to create a ritual to associate with the Corona brand, on the basis that rituals :

  • Enhance the customer experience.
  • Build brand loyalty.
  • Give the purchaser the illusion of control.

Putting lime in the neck of a bottle of Corona is part of a ritual that most drinkers enjoy and look forward to.

This in turn builds brand loyalty to a product which most beer experts consider average at best.

Control in life is an illusion, but searching for it is also a driver of human behaviour. Being able to influence the enjoyment of the Corona creates an illusion of control.

Now this is not all my opinion. There is plenty of research to back up this argument.

This is also not a bad thing. The customer experience is an important component of branding.

This is also not an isolated case. The customer experience driven by rituals has been actively pursued by many of the world’s best known brands, including:

  • Guinness – poured slowly, left to rest and then finished off.
  • Bacardi – and coke, with lemon
  • Levi – blue jeans are not authentic unless they are scrubbed white.

Have a ritual for a brand:

  • Helps establish that brand.
  • Brings a brand to life.
  • Adds value to that brand.


  1. You can use rituals to build your brand.
  2. You should consider rituals to build loyalty.
  3. Rituals are an effective means of differentiation.


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