herzberg motivation theory

Also known as the ‘Two Factory Theory’ and the ‘Dual Factor Theory,’ the Motivation Theory developed by Frederick Herzberg, postulates that in the workplace (and I would argue most environments) there are two factors that can cause dissatisfaction:

  • Hygiene
  • Motivational 

Hygiene Factors do not give positive satisfaction or lead to higher motivation, though dissatisfaction results from their absence. These are extrinsic to the work itself, and include aspects such as company policies, supervisory practices, or wages/salary. In marketing they are necessary starting points. 

Motivational Factors provide positive satisfaction, arising from intrinsic conditions of the job itself, such as recognition, achievement, or personal growth. In marketing, the motivational factors are the differentiators – the factors that drive purchase behaviour. Motivational factors tend to be the most effective point of focus in promotion. 



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