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1760 is the optimal number of words

One study found that the optimal length for a blog post is 1760 words. That same research suggests that a blog post should not be less than 300 words. Another study found that the optimal length for a blog post is between 800 and 1551 words (very specific indeed). Yet another study suggested that the optimal length of a blog is 2100 words. Other research has looked at the ideal length for a social media video – finding that it varies by the platform as follows:
  • Facebook – less than 2 minutes
  • Twitter – 30 seconds
  • Instagram – 60 seconds
  • YouTube – 2 minutes
While there are varying views and a lack of absolute certainty regarding the optimal length for any social media post, it is clear that the ideal length:
  • Varies by platform
  • Changes over time
  • Depends on the subject
  • Depends on the audience
Also clear is the following:
  • There is considerable merit in testing various lengths to see which one works best
  • It is important to get to the point as quickly as possible
It used to be a maxim in journalism that, when reading a newspaper, most people do not read past the third paragraph. As a result, the core of the story had to be told in those three paragraphs. With the increased amount of content available – it is likely that audiences will give posts less time today than at any time in the past. If the core of the message is not evident immediately – it is very unlikely to be shared. This perhaps explains the effectiveness of infographics and other posts that get to the point instantly.

I have tested various post lengths, tracked engagement, and asked the audience how much time they will give me. I have found that they will give me less and less time. It might be different for you, but this highlights the benefits of testing.

RECOMMENDATION – test the optimal length for your social media posts and ensure that you get to the point as quickly as possible. Consider infographics that get to the point instantly.
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