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60% challenged by producing engaging content

Research suggests that 60% of marketers find the creation of engaging content to be challenging – with some finding it very challenging indeed, particularly when there is a requirement for frequent and consistent posting or publication. Responding to this challenge and the desire for content to go viral, many marketers are now using co-creation, i.e. working with one or more other parties to create content that will be of interest to audiences and is likely to be shared.

Two or more organisations targeting the same audience might work together to develop optimal content on a casual or ongoing basis. The advantages of this approach include:
  • Gaining access to each other’s audiences
  • Gaining access to each other’s ideas
  • Exploiting the ‘two heads are better than one’ philosophy
  • Exploiting the ‘many hands make light work’ philosophy
Assuming the parties are not direct competitors, content co-creation offers the potential to leverage each other’s intellectual property, ideas, expertise, and resources to:
  • Post consistently
  • Access more databases
  • Utilise more channels
  • Tell more interesting stories
  • Add more value to audiences
Content co-creation is relatively easy to organise, manage, and resource. It delivers tangible benefits to individuals, organisations and their audiences. Best of all, it can increase significantly – the potential for going viral.

RECOMMENDATION – Have a close look at the potential for working with other individuals or organisations to develop higher quality content with greater potential to go viral.
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