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51% re-tweet when asked to clearly

A recent study found that audiences are more likely to share a social media post when asked to. One study looked at Twitter, testing three options. The findings follow:
  • Request – ‘Please re-tweet’ – 51% re-tweeted
  • Request – ‘Please RT’ – 39% re-tweeted
  • No request – 12% re-tweeted
This research, along with other studies, suggests that asking people to share a post on social media will increase the chances of the post going viral. There are several other practical tactics to increase the likelihood of a post or word of mouth message being shared:
  • Make the content easy to share
  • Incorporate images in posts
  • Use strong audience-focused headlines
  • Offer incentives to engage and share
  • Use the language of the audience
There are several strategies that can be used to increase the likelihood that a post will be shared. These practical insights are as applicable to word of mouth as social media posting. This again highlights the science involved in ensuring your message goes viral.

RECOMMENDATION – Remember to ask people to share your content or messages with other people they think might be interested
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