consider podcasts as the new blogging

40% of consumers listen to podcasts

This is the ninth of 20 daily ‘thoughts’ examining the trends in marketing in 2018 and beyond.

The Australian Broadcasting Commission invests considerable time and money into promoting podcasts it has spent a great deal of money commissioning and producing. It has established the ABC ‘Listen’ App to make it easy for its considerable listener base to access podcasts.

This reflects the massive boom in podcasting. This boom is such that one of the worlds most prolific bloggers, Seth Godin, has suggested that podcasts are the new blog. Godin notes that more and more podcasts are being used to communicate information to a population that is less and less inclined to read.

Not only are podcasts popular among those who do not want to read, but they are ideal for people gardening, ironing, driving, and a whole range of other activities. Podcasts offer most of the advantages of radio (with the exception of immediacy) with increased flexibility and on-demand access. They are growing in popularity and potency.

Recent research found that in 2018 – 40% of consumers listen to podcasts. This compares with:

  • 30% using Instagram in 2018
  • 30% using podcasts in 2014
This suggests that podcasts are now more popular than Instagram, the fastest growing social media channel on the planet, and that podcast usage is growing rapidly. There is little doubt in my mind that this trend will continue given that podcasts:
  • can be used when video is not an option
  • are more engaging than written material
  • are relatively inexpensive and easy to create
  • are more personal if the author voices them
  • can be broken up into episodes
  • are highly flexible in terms of incorporating creative ideas
  • can be faster to consume than written material
  • are highly mobile and increasingly accessible
A good podcast:
  • Includes rich content and effects
  • Incorporates multiple voices
  • Involves interesting presenters
  • Presents high quality, topical content
  • Applies the KISS principle


Consider podcasts as a replacement for blogging. Certainly, consider podcasts as a medium for communicating large amounts of information in an entertaining and engaging way.

If you are an advertiser, consider advertising on podcast plus which offers many of the advantages of radio plus some.

Podcasts are a growing trend that most businesses can use. Certainly, many more businesses should be considering podcasting. Just about anyone can record one.


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