so what is communication?


One thing it is not is – advertising!

Communication is a process involving two or more people and the flow of information in at least two directions. Advertising involves the flow of information in one direction only

The reality is that direct marketing, traditional media relations, and websites are also not examples of communication. Again they involve the flow of information in one direction only

Social media on the other hand has the potential to be communication> Indeed the principal strength of social media is that it involves communication. it involves two or more people sharing information and learning from each other

That is one very good reason why social media will continue to erode the demand for advertising, direct marketing (offline or online) and traditional media relations. Other reasons include credibility and trust

Communication, not advertising is the key to effective marketing

Communication starts at the beginning of the marketing process, not the end. Listening to customers and potential customers is at the heart of the product development process and communication is at the heart of telling those same customers that you have what they are looking for

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John Carlson is a behavioural scientist, strategic planner and lateral thinker focusing on branding, marketing, communication, personal advancement, business development and behaviour management.

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