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80% attracted by a personalised experience

One of the most significant trends in marketing over the last 5 years has been the growth in and expectation of consumers for – personalisation. Research suggests that 80% of consumers are more likely to buy when they have a personalised experience. In response to this trend marketers using a high level of personalisation credit it with a 20% increase in sales. Personalisation works and marketing automation can be used to make personalisation work even more effectively and inexpensively. The more personalised your marketing the better.

Personalisation can and should apply wherever possible. It is especially relevant with regard to:

  • Direct mail and particularly e-mail (EDM)
  • Lead management experiences
  • Website interactions – perhaps using geo-location technology or a log in facility
  • Telephone enquiries, sales and follow ups
  • Face to face sales interactions
  • The ‘in-business’ customer experience


A feature of the 2000s is that we have the data required to personalise marketing – and a feature of the marketing of highly successful businesses like Apple, Amazon and Facebook, is that they actively gather and leverage data that facilitates personalisation. This is a feature of most of their marketing.

Automation driven personalisation can also reduce waste and as such improve the cost efficiency of the marketing – by ensuring that the right person gets the right message in the right way.

Research suggests that personalised marketing increases enquiries, conversion rates, the average sale, margins, repeat business rates and referral rates – due largely to higher levels of attention and engagement on the part of enquirers, new customers and past customers. It achieves this by:

  • Grabbing attention – the human senses respond more actively to personalisation
  • Holding attention – human beings engage better with personalised experiences
  • Positive feelings – human beings feel good when experiences are for them
  • Building loyalty – human beings are more loyal when they have a personal connection
  • Enhanced advocacy – human beings talk more about personalised experiences


Important drivers of the personalisation in marketing are the human needs for:

  • Significance
  • Connection
  • Growth


Each of these drivers of personalisation will be discussed in the blogs that follow.

RECOMMENDATION – as far as possible personalise all aspects of your marketing, leveraging fully the human needs for significance, connection, and personal growth.

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