for b2b marketing, focus on LinkedIn

95% say LinkedIn is the best platform for b2b

This is the fifteenth of 20 daily ‘thoughts’ examining the trends in marketing in 2018 and beyond.This ‘thought’ will be posted on LinkedIn. This reflects the fact that the majority of my clients, contacts, prospects, and other potential readers use LinkedIn, which in turn reflects the fact that I am involved in B2B marketing.Recent research found that:

  • 93% of marketers view LinkedIn as the best platform for B2B marketing
  • 50% of business purchasers are more likely to buy following LinkedIn engagement
  • 80% of business people who buy B2B want to connect on LinkedIn

Many of my clients over the years have questioned whether decision makers actually read content on LinkedIn. Anecdotal evidence suggests that many do not. However, it is quite apparent that no social media platform is more commonly engaged with by business decision makers than LinkedIn.

Certainly, LinkedIn is not the best platform for most B2C marketing. However, it remains the dominant platform for B2B marketing despite competition from the likes of Twitter and Google+.

This may well begin to change in the future as the X and Y (millennials) generations move up into the decision-making ranks. A recent survey found that in the B2B environment:

  • 13% of millennials are now decision makers
  • 27% of millennials are now decision influencers
  • 17% of millennials are now project managers

While older decision makers are using LinkedIn more and more, younger decision makers are just starting to use LinkedIn.

A recent study found that the most commonly used social media channels used by millennials are:

  • You Tube – 95%
  • Instagram – 69%
  • Facebook – 67%

It might be that millennials will use these platforms primarily for personal purposes and turn to LinkedIn for business purposes – especially as Microsoft (the owners of LinkedIn) continues to develop their service offering. This data suggests that the social media channels preferred by B2B decision makers need to be constantly monitored and strategies fine-tuned accordingly.


In the short term, at least where B2B marketing is concerned, give priority to LinkedIn – the favoured social media platform for most marketers and businesses.

In the medium term, monitor the changing demographic of decision makers and the social media platforms being used by younger people.

In the United States 20% of the population is now comprised of millennials. The notion that decision makers tend to be baby boomers (who may use social media less) needs to change.


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