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10 do’s and 6 don’ts – but one team

In the last blog in this series, it was established that the key to great branding is bringing the brand to life by establishing a culture where all staff always behave in a manner that is consistent with the brand. It has been suggested that there are 10 do’s and 6 don’ts involved in creating a great culture:
  • Set clear goals
  • Communicate the goals
  • Promote diversity and inclusivity
  • Allow for humour
  • Prioritise respect
  • Strict zero tolerance policy
  • Employee recognition
  • Employee feedback
  • Flexibility
  • Transparency
  • Encourage employees to work through lunch
  • Reschedule one-to-one-meetings
  • Retain the wrong staff
  • Limit learning opportunities
  • Hire for cultural fit
  • Tolerate poor managers
To me creating the optimum culture involves:
  • Defining the brand
  • Bringing the brand to life
Bringing the brand to life involves:
  • Attracting the right people
  • Engaging the right people
  • Retaining the right people
It should be apparent from this that delivering the optimum brands requires the marketing team (defining the brand) working with the human resources team (creating the culture) working together as one team. While the marketing and human resources teams will have many very different responsibilities – when it comes to branding, they should ideally work as one team. Making this one team approach even more important is the importance of the brand to the HR team’s efforts to attract and retain staff.

RECOMMENDATIONS – To create and benefit from the optimum brand, have the marketing and human resources teams to work together to define and create the optimum brand and culture
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