95% of buyers chose a vendor that provides content

educate your market

I receive emails weekly, if not more often, from shysters offering lead generation services. I also talk to clients who have very high enquiry rates, thanks to their high advertising budgets but achieve a low proportion of qualified enquiries. This is the fourth of 10 THOUGHTS addressing strategies for maximising qualified enquiries and genuine prospects.

I would define a qualified enquiry or genuine prospect as one where there is a better than 50% likelihood of conversion. I also recognise that there is usually a sales funnel, and acknowledge the importance of minimising the time wasted on unqualified enquiries in that funnel.

Recent research in the United States found that 95% of buyers chose to purchase a product from a vendor that provided content to help them navigate each stage of the buying process. Another study found that 61% of potential purchasers want relevant information throughout the sales journey and respond well when it is provided.

Over recent years, marketing publications have had much to say about the value of ‘content’. This research, along with a plethora of other studies, demonstrates the importance of content in helping potential enquirers take the journey towards making an enquiry, becoming a genuine prospect, and eventually purchasing. Content builds the credibility of the provider.

One study found that 82% of purchasers view 5 or more pieces of content.

For this type of content strategy to be effective, it is essential that it:

  • Addresses the issues of concern to the potential purchaser
  • Highlights the additional considerations relevant to your USP
  • Recognises the problems and needs that are being addressed
  • Is branded but also objective and not directly sell the brand
  • Guides the potential purchaser through the journey

Ideally content should also:

  • Include independent sources with a view to maximising the perception of objectivity
  • Incorporate questions with a view to providing insights into information needs
  • Provide objective reviews from previous purchasers

Used well, content can be a very effective tool for maximising the level of qualified enquiry and securing the maximum number of genuine prospects. All indications are that it will become even more important, especially where that content is:

  • Video
  • Interactive
  • Current

Content helps to educate your market. As such, it can be very helpful in driving qualified enquiry.
There is also evidence to suggest that the use of high-quality content can reduce reliance on advertising, thereby reducing the cost of marketing.


Use content to increase qualified enquiries and genuine prospects. Content can be a highly effective marketing tool when it is made available throughout the purchasing journey.

Given that up to 80% of all new content online is video and access to video content is now an expectation for those who not inclined to read, the use of video is strongly recommended.


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