95% don’t trust a degraded design

95% don’t trust a degraded design

get the aesthetics right

Some 89% of consumers say that they trial a competitor following a poor online experience. Some 95% of users of online devices say that a good user experience is important. But, what are the characteristics of a good user experience? This is the second of five thoughts touching on this complex issue.

Research in the United States found that 94% of consumers surveyed did not trust a website with a less than aesthetically pleasing design.

In other studies:

  • 52% of consumers describe poor aesthetics a major reason for not returning to a site
  • 66% of consumers prefer to read online material that is well designed
  • 88% say they are less likely to visit a less than aesthetically pleasing site
  • 80% say they will disengage if content is poorly displayed
  • 48% of consumers associate aesthetics and design with credibility

These statistics barely scratch the surface of the overwhelming body of data suggesting that the design of a website influences user engagement and behaviour.

These findings, along with others, highlight the fact that information alone is not enough to ensure user engagement and repeat visits. Research discussed later in this series will demonstrate that while content is important, it is no more important than aesthetics.

These findings highlight the importance of engaging a designer with an understanding of Internet communication. Relying on cheap and nasty technology or engaging programmers to develop a basic site, is not enough. Design impacts on engagement and your perceived credibility.

In 2018 – get the aesthetics right

Every year, put the facts ahead of intuition and guess work.

Sources of core statistics – Amaze Digital, Monster Post, Impact, SAGipi, UX Planet, WebUX, Red Web Design

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