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explore the opportunities in loneliness

In 2018 there are more than 25,000,000 people living in Australia, and it is estimated that there will be more than 27,000,000 by 2022. The Australian market is growing and rich with opportunities. This is the second of five thoughts considering some of those opportunities.

At last count, there were 900,000 outlets in Australia selling brewed coffee and related beverages along with associated foods.

I would suggest that the first message to be taken from this is that only a fool or a very skilled operator would open a coffee shop in Australia today. There is little doubt that a number of these coffee shops struggle to make ends meet and very few are making the ‘big bucks’.

Perhaps more interesting, however, is what the existence of so many coffee shops in Australia means. Certainly, it suggests that there is a vibrant coffee culture, and most would recognise this. It might even point to a growing prevalence of coffee addiction. According to sociologists, however, it reflects that fact that 30% of Australians now live alone.

Have you ever noticed how many people in coffee shops are sitting alone these days? According to sociologists, this reflects the high percentage of Australians who live alone and use coffee shops as their ‘loungeroom’.

The fact is that 30% of Australians now live alone – not with a friend, a child or a flat mate – but alone! Furthermore, all indications are that the number will grow in the months and years ahead.

So, what are you doing to cater for the needs of the ‘growing lonely’? What opportunities have you isolated to address the needs of Australians living alone. Politicians talk a lot about ‘Australian families’, but increasingly the big demographic is singles.

Singles have different needs to families. Further, the isolation they experience is being increased by the increase in working from home and the decline in community groups, clubs, and churches. The incidence of being alone is certainly growing, as is the likelihood of feeling lonely.

There must be huge opportunities here for business, only some of which have been addressed.

In 2018, explore the opportunities in loneliness.

Every year – put the facts ahead of intuition and guesswork.

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