70% say presentation skills are essential

prepare well and take into account what actually matters

This is the second of five thoughts addressing the topic of presentations and public speaking. For many in business, and other sectors, this is a critical subject, and one that does not receive enough attention. Contrary to popular belief, becoming a great presenter or speaker is not genetic. Great speakers develop as the result of the right attitude and outlook, skills training, and practice.

Research in the United States found that 70% of business executives consider good presentation skills to be central to business success and income. The remaining 30% say they don’t know.

Further, 75% of executives want to be better presenters and public speakers.

Despite this, 20% of executives admit they will do anything to avoid public speaking, and 41% would rather visit the dentist than make a presentation.

So, what are the keys to making a great presentation.

In my view, the first involves understanding the components of a great presentation. Research has identified three critical factors in a great presentation or speech, and rated the relative impact of these as follows:

  • Content – 7%
  • Tone – 38%
  • Delivery – 55%

Content provides the foundation of any presentation, and it needs to be good, however, it is not as important in creating an impact and impressing the audience as tone of voice and delivery.

The tone of voice and the delivery of the address must suit the situation. The ideal delivery is most often animated, authentic, empathic, well paced, and engaging. The best presentations are very often conversational.

The critical issues here are that the content is rarely so important that it needs to be laboured over, read, learned by rote, or word perfect. It is the speaker that the audience engages with, and if they don’t engage with the speaker, the content will not be listened to anyway.

It is important to prepare well, but it is not just the content that needs to be prepared. Practising in front of a mirror will help – and do not learn the content by rote or read it.

In 2018 – prepare well and take into account what actually matters

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