41% of facebook users are over 65

consumers are changing channels

The beginning of a new year is as good a reason as any to take a look at some of the marketing trends gaining traction. This is the eighth of ten THOUGHTS addressing significant trends that will be important to marketers in 2019. Some have been around for a while, and others are new.

Each of these trends reflects the evolving nature of consumers, the growth in smarter and smarter technology, and the increasing complexity of the markets in which we operate.

Facebook remains the king of social media. In Australia, the top 5 social media channels are:

  • Facebook – 15,000,000
  • YouTube – 15,000,000
  • Instagram – 9,000,000
  • What’s App – 5,000,000
  • Linked In – 4,200,000

While these numbers demonstrate the pre-eminence of Facebook, it is also interesting to note:

  • YouTube is also dominant, perhaps reflecting the growing use of video
  • Instagram is now 3rd and growing much faster than Facebook

These top-line statistics tell only part of the story. Consider the following:

  • Facebook’s fastest growing market is the over 65 age group (41% of users)
  • Instagram users are much younger:

59% aged 18 – 29
33% aged 30 – 49
Younger people, once the primary users of Facebook are rapidly shifting to Instagram which is also owned by Facebook but offers a very different platform as it was developed for mobile phone rather than desktop use.

It is also interesting to note that:

  • 1 billion people now use Instagram
  • 500 million people engage with Instagram daily
  • 25 million businesses are now using Instagram

The growth of Instagram is significant. The increase in the use of Instagram, especially among younger people, will continue in 2019.  Evidence also suggests that the use of Facebook may have peaked, and it is increasingly a medium for older demographics.

That said, the point of this THOUGHT is not to encourage readers to use Instagram, although well they might. The point is to admonish readers against viewing the social media landscape as static.  New media spring up on a regular basis, and audience alliances change.

It is essential to know which media is best for your target audience.


The social media landscape is dynamic and changing. An understanding of the changes taking place is essential to developing a well-targeted social media strategy.

Facebook remains on top, but evidence suggests that it may have peaked and is almost certainly not the best channel for all audiences. Instagram also has very different features compared with Facebook.

Understanding that consumers are changing channels is more important in 2019 than ever before in terms of developing both the optimal content strategy and the optimal advertising programme.

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