Opportunities are available to sponsor seminars and workshops customised for staff, clients and prospects.

Seminars tailored to the specific requirements of the sponsor and audience, address both skills and strategy.


Skill related topics include:

  • 70: 20: 10 – Presenting to Win (in a way that delivers required outcomes)
  • 30 seconds – Connecting with Prospects (making networking work for all)
  • 24 times more – Developing and Leveraging a Personal Brand

Strategy related topics include:

  • The Culture-Brand Continuum – (building a brand without advertising)
  • Connecting with significance (creating a tribe that drives performance)
  • Marketing is about behaviour – (radically reducing marketing costs)

The deliverables for every seminar include:

  • Practical insights
  • Actions that can be taken immediately
  • A paper supporting the speech
  • Recommended reading