question everything

D. John Carlson is well known for his skepticism, testing of assumptions, questioning of traditional logic, suspicion of intuition, and his analytical approach to distinguishing fact from fiction. He is a passionate advocate of structured, objective, critical, and lateral thinking.

John has worked with organisations, large and small, government and non-government, private and public, profit and not for profit, right across Australia for over 25 years. He has maintained a consistent presence in an industry renowned for instability.

John has an academic background in psychology, education, and business. This blend of knowledge and experience is complemented by a finely honed sense of social justice, which fuels John’s commitment to help individuals, organisations, and communities, realise their potential.

John is on the board of a number of organisations including:

• Picasso Capital Management
• Linc Capital
• Calico Global
• Foodbank
• Community Vision

A prolific writes, John publishes regularly. Sometimes controversial, often confronting, and always topical, he questions conventional wisdom, debunks marketing myths, and offers fresh insights into all aspects of marketing, communication, and human behaviour.

John’s passion for educating and entertaining is demonstrated in his frequent speaking engagements. He draws on his wealth of knowledge and extensive practical experience to facilitate engaging, informative, and actionable discourse.