question everything


Inspired by a fascination with human behaviour, John pontificates about consumer behaviour and the management of that behaviour to deliver social and commercial objectives.

This pontification takes the form of speeches, books, blogs, newsletters, podcasts and advisory services – engaging with individuals and organisations he enjoys working with.

Well known for his critical, objective and lateral thinking John is a well-regarded writer and public speaker. He says it as he sees it, and cuts through the crap in the quest for a superior performance.

Over the last 25 years John has advised organizations of all shapes and sizes, government and non-government, private and public, for profit and not for profit, all around Australia

John sits on several boards.

With an academic background in psychology, education, and business, John is highly suspicious of traditional marketing, branding and communication – preferring a more evidence-based approach.

John is also deeply committed to ethical practices.


John’s primary expertise is in:

  • branding
  • marketing
  • communication
  • writing
  • speaking

John works with a clients he believes in to develop branding strategies, and to direct the implementation of those strategies.

In collaboration with clients, John undertakes market research, completes marketing audits and develops marketing strategies.

John also works with clients to develop communication strategies designed to address personal, corporate, and product messaging – including both digital and traditional media.

John is frequently engaged for strategic writing and content creation, and for speaking engagements, leveraging his expertise in branding, marketing and communication.