87% want career growth

help your customers to grow

This is the third of five thoughts dealing with the core psychological needs of all consumers. Each one of these six needs represents an opportunity for business.

This thought addresses the issue of, and, indeed, the need for growth.

Not every human being wants to be a millionaire, an Olympic gold medallist or a Nobel Prize winner. However, research suggests that almost every human being wants to be more today than he/she was yesterday. Most human beings want to be richer today than yesterday, more informed today than yesterday, faster today than yesterday, or happier today than yesterday.

Each human being has their own motivators, a unique combination of issues that impact on their happiness and state of mind, but the one thing they all have in common is a desire to continually move forward. Most human beings want to know that they are making progress.

A survey in the United States found that 76% of employees wanted to progress in their careers. For some that meant promotion, for others it meant more money, for some it meant getting better at the job, and for others it meant learning things at work that would move them forward outside of work.

This same study found that among Millennials, 87% placed a very high priority on career advancement. This suggests that the importance placed on moving forward or making progress may vary by generation or according to age and stage in the human life cycle. The fact remains, however, that growth is important to most human beings.

Helping consumers move forward, make progress, and become better today than yesterday, is an important consideration and a potential differentiator for most businesses.

In 2018 – help your customers to grow

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